WERKR8! in English

Why can certain applicants and employers not find each other? Are the employers making the demands too high for the applicants? Or do job seekers lack skills?

We believe there is more involved than just that. Do we have any idea about the added value of our client? And does he/she knows what he/she can offer that the employer is just looking for? That is the core idea of WERKR8!.

WERKR8! transforms job seekers into career entrepreneurs that take control of their own career. Career entrepreneurs make up their own business plan. A business model approaches difficulties in a better way. It makes the entrepreneur think about his/her own skills. He or she must also anticipate on the advantages that the client expects from him and on how he/she can approach the client the easiest way.

Career Entrepreneurs are well acquainted with their abilities and know what their ‘clients’ (employers) expect. Most of all, entrepreneurs know what they can offer to their clients. What are the concerns of the employer? Which advantages does he/she expect? And how does the job seeker  find solutions for these issues?

Job seekers make up their own ‘business plan’ – the WERK8!-model. Initially this model sorts out information that is already available from previous experiences and activities. The job seeker and the coach  get a clear view on skills, desires, preconditions, tools, … Secondly they work out a realistic image about the demands on the job market and the employer. We create an extra dimension displaying supply and demand: the added value of the applicant for the employer. The marketing tool WERKR8! encourages people to move on to action. The person in search of employment gets down to his/her ‘sticky statement’; a particular story which he/she can convince the employer of his/her abilities. This sticky statement is an extra tool to step into the job market and to look for a job that matches the job seeker: he/she knows what he/she’s standing for, what are my skills, what do I want, and why do I want it?

Soon we’ll provide English translations of the WERKR8!-model and the Matchmaker.

If interested, mail bart.coopman[at]jobcentrum.be